Charter North 4WD Safaris are genuine small group experiences with a maximum group size of six adults. Our luxury 4WD vehicles, ultimate guide/guest ratios, destination expertise and greater attention to detail always result in a richer and far more personalised experience. Our adventure style tours are fun, active and informative with lots more time for exploring, and designed for you to enjoy your chosen destinations without being compromised by the many disadvantages of larger groups. So whether it be the Kimberley, Kakadu, Arnhem Land or Karijini, join our small groups or let us create your very own private tour package. We are the only tour company that can offer our private charter guests our very popular comfy camper trailer

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07 Jun

Charter North 4WD Safaris Tour Catering

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, News, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
Healthy, delicious meals on your Charter North Camping Tour Healthy lifestyles and great food experiences have become a priority for many people. When looking for a suitable Northern Australian camping tour, one of the things you are probably wondering ...
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23 Mar

Trailer Camping on our Private Tours to the Kimberley, Kakadu & Beyond

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, Litchfield National Park, News, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
New Innovative Camping Option for our Private Tours to the Kimberley, Kakadu & the Top End! Charter North 4WD Safaris are offering an exciting new camping product for 2017! We will be providing our guests with the "Ultimate Aussi camping experience", ...
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01 Mar

Tour Vehicles- What to look out for

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
The tour vehicles used on Small Group 4WD Tours are a very important factor in terms of your comfort and safety- Nevertheless, this factor is often overlooked by travellers. When shopping around for a small group 4WD tour in Outback Australia, for example to...
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20 Feb

Kakadu Wet Season 2017

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, News
Record breaking rainfall is resulting in lush landscapes and happy wildlife in Kakadu! As many of you might have already heard: The Kakadu wet season 2016/17 in Northern Australia is a ripper! The Northern  Territory and Kakadu National Park saw an early ...
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31 Dec

Happy New Year 2017!

Blog, News, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
We at Charter North 4WD Safaris would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our friends, guests, future guests, supporters and followers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! We hope 2016 has been as great a year for you as it has been for us. We have achieved many ...
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15 Dec

7 Reasons to visit Kakadu National Park in the wet season

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours
Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest terrestrial National Park, and enjoys national and international fame for many good reasons. Its spectacular ancient landscapes, its numerous rock art sites that lay testimony to one of the oldest surviving living ...
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02 Dec

The best time to visit Kakadu

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours
Kakadu National Park has a size of close to 20,000 km² and a biodiversity found almost nowhere else in the world. It is a magical place of timeless landscapes and cultural significance. Not surprisingly, this incredible, World Heritage listed park is on many ...
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20 Nov

When is the best time to visit the Kimberley Region in Western Australia?

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
A destination’s weather and climate conditions are often a critical factor when planning a holiday. Many travellers from overseas assume that the weather all over Australia is always nice and warm, while domestic travellers from down South seem to picture ...
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19 Oct

The quiet Litchfield National Park

Blog, Litchfield National Park, News, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
The quiet Litchfield- does it exist? Litchfield National Park, at only 1h drive out of Darwin, is a great destination for a quick escape to a tropical paradise! Lots of swimming and waterfalls with great infrastructure and short walks make this park ...
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06 Oct

The Danger of Saltwater Crocodiles

Blog, News, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
The Danger of Saltwater Crocodiles can be underestimated - Be Croc wise! Even though the danger of saltwater crocodiles is relatively small, and attacks towards humans relatively rare, when they happen, they are often fatal. It is crucial to know how to ...
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06 Oct

Community Projects – B-Town Warriors

Blog, Indigenous culture, News
B-Town Warriors promote positive community energy Community projects can help maintain cultural values and support kids in developing positive self esteem, as the following example proves. In April 2016, young Indigenous people from Bourke High School in the ...
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02 Oct

Kimberley Tour Season 2016

Blog, News, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
"Bye Bye Kimberley for 2016, see you next year!" After the completion of our last Kimberley Tour for the 2016 season, it is time for Charter North 4WD Safaris to say good bye to the Kimberley Region, at least for now. Of course we will be back, with a number ...
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22 Aug

Kakadu Travel Articles- Handle with care

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
As nice as they may look, Kakadu Travel blogs can often be dangerously misleading Travel articles and blogs have become a great source of information for travellers worldwide. However, travel bloggers don't always hold sufficient knowledge to give the best ...
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17 Aug

The best hotels in Broome

Blog, Broome, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
Broome being the popular resort holiday destination that it is, there is an enormous choice of accommodation available here for all tastes and budgets. Broome has a vast choice of tasteful luxury accommodation, and more mid- range options are springing up ...
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12 Aug

The best Hotels in Darwin

Blog, Darwin
Over the past decade, Darwin has grown into a modern city with plenty of great accommodation dining and entertainment options. With a growing number of accommodation options and a weakening resource sector, hotels in Darwin have become more affordable and ...
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08 Jul

The perks and pitfalls of TripAdvisor

Blog, News
Since its foundation in the United states in 2000, TripAdvisor has grown to become one of the most powerful online travel tools globally. TripAdvisor today is the largest travel site in the world, and TripAdvisor, Inc. includes 25 travel brands. Needless to ...
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25 Apr

Camping and Showers on a Kimberly Tour

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
Why access to showers shouldn't determine your Kimberley Experience At Charter North, one of the questions we get asked  a lot is: "Will we have access to showers every night?". The honest reply is "no". Read on to find out why this isn't a bad thing. We ...
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03 Apr

Visiting Kakadu National Park- 5 common Misconceptions

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
Kakadu National Park is Australia's largest and one of its most popular National Parks. It has an abundance of wildlife and biodiversity and there is lots to do and see for all ages. If you haven't seen Kakadu yet, it's about time you come up and say G'Day. ...
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30 Mar

The Kimberley Seed Bank Project

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
A new seed bank project is underway in the Kimberley region aimed at teaching ranger groups to collect, store, and propagate culturally significant seeds and endangered plants so their genes can be stored forever. Nyul Nyul, Karajarri and Bardi Jawi Oorany ...
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23 May

Boab Trees – Kimberley Region

Blog, News, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
Boab Trees are endemic to the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and always a fascination for visitors Every time we (the team at Charter North) leave for the Kimberley, we are looking forward to seeing the Boab trees. Nowhere else in Australia can this ...
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05 Mar

The Kimberley Western Australia – Tourism

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
The Kimberley Western Australia is trending as one of Australia's most popular tourism destinations. Have you ever wondered how this remote & pristine area at the far North Western Tip of our Continent came to be on the tourist map? Well, look no further....
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29 Feb

The Kimberley’s History- Indigenous Inhabitants, Exploration and Pastoralism

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
The Kimberley has got a long history of indigenous inhabitation, white exploration & settlement. The region's history could easily fill a book and is utterly fascinating. A snapshot of the Kimberley's history will be given in this article. It is believed...
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19 Feb

Choosing a Guided Tour – 5 Critical Aspects

Blog, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
No matter whether you are holidaying in South East Asia, Africa, Australia or anywhere else in the world, many destinations are now saturated with tourism product. Whether it be choosing a hotel, resort, evening entertainment or, as will be discussed in this ...
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24 Apr

FAQs- Kimberley, Kakadu & Karijini Tours

Blog, Kakadu National Park Tours, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
Frequently Asked Questions At Charter North 4WD Safaris, we understand that it can be challenging to choose the most suitable tour option for you and to find out what to expect. Whether you are looking for a Kimberley Tour, Kakadu Tour or Karijini Tour, below...
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14 Mar

The Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy

Blog, The Kimberley & Kimberley Tours
Tourism in the Kimberleys has developed mainly unplanned. The Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy aims at managing the impacts of tourism as part of a broad conservation approach for the region. The sustained and ongoing growth of the tourism ...
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17 Feb

The Importance of the Tour Guide

Blog, Touring & Camping in Northern Australia
Tour Guides & their importance for a quality Holiday Experience A Tour guides' professionalism and knowledge are what make a tour experience outstanding- they are what makes the difference between a budget and a quality journey. Tour guides are critical ...
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02 Nov

Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land, Blog
Exciting new opportunities for South East Arnhem Land Charter North has recently formed a partnership with the Yugul Mangi Development Aboriginal Corporation (YMDAC), the Numbulwar Homelands Council Association (NHCA) and the Tradtional Owner groups of the ...
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